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pho & Noodles

Our beef broth is made with beef spare rib slowed cooked for 12 hours, served with rice noodles, onions, shallots, coriander, bean sprouts, fresh herbs, lemon and fresh chilli - hoi sin, sriracha and shrimp sate sauce on table! 

1. PHO TAI 生牛肉粉 12.80 thinly sliced rare tenderloin beef pho  [ option: change to wagyu beef 和牛  + 2.00 ]

2. PHO NAM 熟腩肉粉  12.80 sliced slow cooked beef brisket pho

3. PHO DAC BIET 特别生牛肉粉  14.80 beef combo w thinly sliced rare beef, tripe, meat balls, brisket, and tendon

4. PHO OX TAIL 牛尾粉  16.50 our ox tail pho slow cooked for 6 hours

5. PHO 汤粉 10 just noodles & soup! // add crispy chicken 脆鸡扒 or pork chop 烤猪扒 + 5.50

6. PHO GA 鸡肉粉 14.80 shredded chicken noodle soup

7. BUN RIEU TOM 蕃茄虾米粉  14.80 tomato and shrimp vermicelli noodle soup w fish cake, prawns, tofu, egg

8. BUN BO HUE 顺化牛肉米粉  14.80 spicy lemongrass beef vermicelli noodle soup w beef brisket, pork, sausage, blood jelly

9. VEGAN PHO (V) 蔬菜杂菌粉  14.50 vegan noodle soup w tofu, mixed mushrooms and veggies





phở - rice noodle (gf)

bún nhỏ - vermicelli (gf)

bún lớn - big vermicelli (gf)

mì - egg noodle

rare tenderloin beef 生牛肉 2.00

beef brisket 熟腩肉 2.00

rare wagyu beef 和牛  3.00

beef tendon 牛筋  3.00

beef tripe 牛百叶  2.00

beef meat balls 牛肉丸 2.00

ox ‘pizzle’ 牛鞭  5.00


vermicelli salad bowls

A traditional vermicelli bowl with shredded lettuce, fresh vietnamese herbs, bean sprouts, pickled radish, roasted crushed peanuts, nước chấm, served with...

10. BUN BO XAO (gf) 干炒牛肉檬 14.80 wok tossed lemongrass beef

11. BUN GA DON 脆鸡`檬 14.80 crispy katsu chicken

12. BUN SUON NUONG 烤猪扒檬 14.80 grilled pork chop

13. BUN NEM 春卷檬 14.80 pork taro spring rolls

14. BUN CHAY (V) 素春卷豆腐檬 14.50 vegan spring rolls, fried tofu



Dry noodles tossed with our homemade garlic pepper dressing

served with beansprouts, coriander, fried onion, fresh herbs

and a small bowl of soup on the side



25. KHO DAC BIET 特别牛肉干捞粉 14.80

**SIGNATURE** dry beef combo noodles

26. kho cha chien  扎肉干捞粉 14.80

dry pork sausage noodles

27. kho vegan 素干捞粉 (v) 14.50

dry noodles w stir fry mushrooms, radish,

spicy pepper dressing 

28. pork chop broken rice 烤猪扒饭 14.80

served with shredded lettuce, fried egg, nước chấm


29. katsu chicken broken rice  脆鸡扒饭  14.80

served with shredded lettuce, fried egg, nước chấm





small soup




15. grilled scallops (gf) 烤扇贝 8.50 on shell w lemongrass dressing, peanuts, shallots (2)

16. nem stick 越南春卷  5.50 pork & taro spring roll w pickled radish, nước chấm (2)

17. vege NEM STICK (V) 素春卷  5.50 woodear mushroom taro spring roll w pickled radish (2)

18. goi cuon (GF*) 米纸虾卷 7.90 prawn rice paper rolls, green apple sauce, peanuts (2)

19. tofu goi cuon (GF*,v) 米纸豆腐牛油果卷  7.90 avocado & tofu rice paper roll (2)

20. ga chien don 脆鸡扒  8.90 crispy katsu chicken w tamarind sauce, pickled radish

21. suon nuong 猪扒檬  8.90 grilled pork chop w pickled radish

22. goi tom (gf) 越南虾沙垃  12.50 vietnamese coleslaw salad w prawns, peanuts, nước chấm

23. goi ga (gf) 越南鸡丝沙垃  12.50 vietnamese coleslaw salad w shredded chicken, peanuts, nước chấm

24. goi chay (gf,v) 越南素沙垃 12.50 vietnamese coleslaw salad w stirfry mushrooms, radish, nước chấm

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