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D1. lychee coconut ice (GF,DF)  7.50

ice blended coconut water w lychee 荔枝椰汁冰  


D2. dried longan ice (GF,DF) 8

dehydrated longan w shaved ice 桂圆冰饮  

D3. fresh soda lemon (GF,DF) 6.50

fresh lemon w sugar syrup & soda 苏打柠檬水  


D4. salty Plum (GF,DF) 6.80

salty plum w sugar & soda 酸梅子苏打水


D5. grass jelly drink (GF,DF) 7

w coconut milk & shaved ice   仙草椰奶泡冰  


D6. three colour drink (GF,DF) 7.50

red beans, pandan jelly, mung bean w coconut milk & shaved ice 三色冰        

- add durian 榴莲 + 5.50      

- add ice cream 冰淇淋  + 4.50

D7. sâm bổ lượng (DF) 8.50

barley, dried longan, red date, lotus seed, seaweed w sugar cane syrup & shaved ice ​清宝凉泡冰

D8. young coconut drink (GF, DF) 5.50 椰青冰

 red bean, pandan jelly, mung bean, palm
 Fruit beams with jackfruit ice cream an



D8. ca phe sua da 越式冰咖啡 5.50

iced coffee w condensed milk

+2.00 for large


D9. ca phe den da (DF) 越式冰黑咖啡 5.50

iced black coffee, sugar syrup

+2.00 for large

D10. ca phe phin 越式咖啡 4.50

black coffee w condensed milk

 Avocado coffee😍_📸 amazing shot from _


[ dairy free options are available ]

D11. jackfruit shake 菠萝蜜冰沙 7.50

D12. soursop shake 刺果蕃荔枝冰沙 7.50 

D13. 3 melons shake (DF) 三色瓜冰沙  7.50

D14. DIY fruit shake 7.50 [ SEASONAL ]

- mango      - strawberry & rockmelon

- orange, pineapple & passionfruit

- watermelon & lychee

D15. avocado smoothie 牛油果冰沙 7.50

- add durian 榴莲 + 5.50      

- add black sesame ice cream 黑芝麻冰淇淋  + 4.50

D16. avocado & coffee 牛油果咖啡冰沙 9.50


S1. fruit beams (GF,DF*) 什锦水果泡冰  12.50

seasonal fruits w shaved ice, condensed milk, and coconut jelly     

- add durian 榴莲 + 5.50    

- add ice cream 冰淇淋 + 4.50

S2. banana fritters (DF) 炸香蕉 12

w coconut sago & flakes, cinnamon apple, nuts

- add ice cream 冰淇淋 + 4.50

S3. sweet potato crisps (DF) 红薯芯片  9.50

w homemade cinnamon syrup

S4. sticky rice (GF,DF)

w durian, rockmelon or mango [seasonal]

served with coconut milk & nuts

S5. ice cream & coffee 11.50 冰淇淋

two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream with a shot of dripped vietnamese coffee

ice cream 冰淇淋  5

one scoop

- black sesame 黑芝麻

- durian 榴莲

- vanilla 香草

- jackfruit 菠萝蜜

(GF) - Gluten free

(DF) - Dairy free

 * - Option